σʋя αииιʌɛяƨαяʏ :)

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I love him and that's the beginning of everything :)


pleasee,, come to me.! i need you..

You are my soul mate, my sweetheart, you are my dream come true, from now until the end of time I give my heart and soul to you. kau tahu kaa? edehh. jiwang suda saya !

If Your asking if I Need U the answer is 4Ever..
If Your askin if I'LL Leave U the answer is Never..
If Your askin what I vaLue the Answer is U..
if Your askin if I Love U the answer is I do...

FYI , I've never expected that I will love you... at first I have a crush on you... but every time I see you with your EX-girlfriend I'm always jealous... At first I didn't care what I feel but everytime i saw you i realized that i'm falling in love with you.... and then I also realized that it was a true love.

the only thing i wanna tell you is i love you..
and the only thing i want you to know i wanna die for you...

You are my life... when you're with me i am speechless... when i see you my knees go weak... if i had a rose for every time i kissed you i would walk through a never ending garden... i love you

Our love is forever, as we join our hearts together. Nothing is more pure, and gracious, than to live our lives as one, LOVEYOU WAWAY :)

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