σʋя αииιʌɛяƨαяʏ :)

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Remember thaT ur presence is a present to the world,
remember that u are unique and unrepeatable creation
remember that ur life can be what u want it to be,
remember to take the day just one at a time.

Remember to count ur blessings, not ur troubles
remember that u'll make it thought whatever comes along,
remember that most of the answer u need are within u
remember those dream waiting to be realised

Remember that decision are to important to leave to chance
remember to always reach for the best that is within u
remember that nothing wastes more energy than worry,
remember that not getting what u want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.

Remember that the longer u carry a grudge, the heavier it gets
remember not to take too seriously, remember to laugh
remember that a little love goes a long way, remember that a lot goes forever
remember that happiness is more often found in giving them in getting
Remember that life's treassures are people not things.

- copy from my diary 2008,2009, i get it from ... i dont know actually , forgt :p

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